about us

SCOUT delivers unparalleled strategic recruitment and talent consulting services for creative environments.  

We advise and connect beautiful brands with the right talent to grow and scale.

Building teams and identifying talent aren't simple transactions.

It’s about a genuine engagement in the success and growth of a brand’s vision and an individual’s fit.

It's about connecting dots to create incredible synergies.

It's a partnership.

We listen with intention, serve up innovative ideas and build bridges.

Relationships are the cornerstone of our sustainable success.

Unicorn, you say?  

SCOUT, we say.


Spaces we thrive:

  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Beauty
  • Footwear
  • Home


We recruit:

  • Art, Branding, Creative Services & Marketing
  • Designers (apparel, footwear, accessories & home)
  • E-commerce (digital marketing, UX, UI, product, content, analytics)
  • Merchandising, Buying, Planning & Allocation
  • Product Development, Pre-Production, Sourcing
  • Technical Design
  • Human Resources for creative environments

our cornerstones

Deliver Results

Our successful in-house track record is the advantage.  We've been where you are, we've lived the challenges you're facing, we've successfully solved them.  We've recruited, coached and sustained high performing, creative teams.

Steeped in Talent 

We're not afraid to seek out the best fit.  Our network is broad, our assessment deep.  We do our homework.  We're engaged and ask the questions that gets to the heart of matters.  We sweat the details to ensure outstanding results.  Better not more.

Breathe Brand & Business

We thread the connections between talent, cultures and brands.  Talent is your only asset.  Without it, you won't thrive.  It's not about hiring the best, it's about hiring the best fit to achieve sustainable results. We blend our dogged pursuit of brand acumen and business knowledge with recruiting and coaching to deliver viable results.

Succeed on Integrity & Hospitality

In our communication, in our work, in how we treat one another.  Every day.  Simple as that.  There are no shortcuts.

from our founder's desk

Rose chan siow

Starting anything, much less the search for the perfect leader to grow your brand OR the perfect brand to grow your career, is crazy hard.

When I took the informed leap to launch SCOUT, it was with the very clear intent to authentically serve in a space that has been consistently short on strategy, industry knowledge, follow-up and hospitality.  Having been on all sides of the fence, along with talented SCOUT collaborators, we will positively impact the experience and results for clients and candidates alike.  

We're not looking to sell.  We're not interested in bending truths.  We're not looking to show up only when it's convenient.

We love earning and keeping your trust.  We love making possible the impossible.  Mostly, we love what we do and we care how we do it.

I've had the privilege to work at some of the most venerable companies:  Coach, LVMH, ZenithOptimedia and OshKosh. Each of them filled with humble, smart, talented leaders and colleagues who I've been lucky to learn from and work with.

I welcome you to visit (click below) my profile for additional details and news.

My team and I look forward to working with you to grow something special.  And, we look forward to providing an experience that will be the industry's new standard.

Our hearty thanks for being a part of our growth!

+1 (646) 493 6338