workshops for individuals

Like an athlete who relies on a coach to objectively provide feedback and suggestions for growth, each of us can benefit from a partner who will push, challenge and raise our level of awareness when it comes to evolving our career.

SCOUT's workshops do just that and more.  Make no mistake, you'll be doing the work -- and reaping the rewards.  

Our goal is to effectively work with you to identify and articulate your career desires, set and commit to clear benchmarks and take actionable steps to bring you closer to engaging and satisfying work.

You're not a carbon copy and our program isn't a one size fits all.  Our one-on-one workshops are tailored to your unique style and experiences.


YOU 2.0 | $2,000

A comprehensive approach to YOU x better.  Be prepared to invest in you.  This workshop includes SIX 75-minute workshops to:

  • Identify, commit, and realize professional goals that align with your passions, values and innate talent
  • Develop and articulate your brand // resume, cover letter, correspondences, LinkedIn profile and more
  • Develop a plan and take action on building resources and a network
  • Set and practice strong interviewing skills unique to your style and experiences
  • On-call guidance during interviewing process and offer negotiations


While a holistic approach reaps the greatest benefit, we realize you may have strengths in one or several of the above and only seek coaching in specific areas.  

Our workshops a la carte:

DISCOVERY Workshop | $750

For individuals seeking a fresh look at where they've been and figuring out where they'd like to go next.  You can be stuck, bored, desiring a change.  

TWO 90-minute workshops to explore your professional past, define your future and take action.


BRANDING workshop | $750

For individuals seeking to upgrade, refine and polish their brand and pull it together into one cohesive and impactful punch.

TWO 90-minute workshops to sleuth, assess and create a brand YOU that communicates a singularly strong message.

(This includes development work on resume, cover letters, professional profiles and the like.)


INTERVIEWING workshop | $750

For individuals who know what they want and have successfully communicated their desires.  This workshop gets you laser focused on the interview -- before, during and after.  Plus, we'll be there for you throughout the process and offer discussion.

TWO 90-minute workshops to prepare you for the marathon and sprints in between.

PLUS, on-call connects for interviewing guidance and offer discussions.


* All workshops come equipped with takeaway tools and resources that will serve you long after we complete our work together.

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