about us

our experience

The barrier of entry to be a recruiter is -- nonexistent.

So, why SCOUT?

Simple.  We are seasoned talent acquisition fanatics.  

At SCOUT, we are a team of individuals who have collective experiences in leading, driving and bringing results from the inside.  We've designed and implemented large scale talent acquisition initiatives and tackled those tough, one off searches.  We've successfully partnered and coached with leaders to make sound hiring decisions that will sustainably strengthen their teams.

We speak your language.  We get it.  

We are not sales focused.  

We are brand and people focused.  

our touchstones

Recruiting isn't a transaction.

It's about taking a genuine interest in the success and growth of a brand's team and an individual's professional goals.

We listen with intention, serve up innovative ideas and build bridges.

* Deliver Results — Our successful in-house track record is the advantage. 

We’ve been where you are, we’ve lived the challenges, we’ve successfully solved them. 

We’ve recruited, coached and sustained high performing, creative teams.


* Steeped in Talent — We’re not afraid to seek out the best. 

Our network is broad, our assessment deep.  We do our homework.  We’re engaged and ask the questions that gets to the heart of matters.  We sweat the details to ensure outstanding results. Better not more.


* Breathe Brand & Business — We connect the dots between talent, cultures and brands.

Talent is your only asset.  Without it, you won’t thrive.  It’s not about hiring the best, it’s about hiring the best fit to achieve sustainable results.  We blend our dogged pursuit of brand acumen and business knowledge with recruiting to deliver viable solutions.


* Succeed on Integrity & Hospitality— In our communication, in our work, in how we treat one another.  Every day.  Simple as that.  There are no shortcuts.